Flex Sign GR edition

CAMM-1 GR-640, GR-540 Large Format Vinyl Cutters

Available in 1,651mm (64"), 1,397mm (54") and 1,075mm (42”) cutting widths, GR cutters are powerful, easy-to-operate devices. Packed with advanced and versatile new features, they are designed for a whole new level of sign, apparel, vehicle graphics and packaging production.

Key Features

  • Designed for faster cutting at 1485 mm/s (58.5 in/s) and an increased downforce of 600g
  • Electronic pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to accurately grip materials
  • Perforated cutting channel to prolong blade life
  • Best-in-class FlexiSign GR-edition software available for impressive, increased productivity
  • Overlap cutting up to 10x to precisely cut thicker substrates such as reflective vinyl and laminated graphics
  • Extend mode increases maximum cutting width by 10mm on furthest left and right pinch rollers
  • Overcut function emulates the results from a tangential cutter to deliver sharp, clean corners on challenging media.
  • Higher accuracy by the softstart speeding feed

Equipped with FlexiSign GR-edition

The CAMM-1 GR Series comes equipped with the powerful best-in-class FlexiSign GR-edition software. Available for free for one year after the product registration of your newly-purchased GR device, FlexiSign GR-edition offers a complete software suite to design and cut graphic files, which is seamlessly integrated with Roland GR cutting plotters.
Using the FlexiSign GR-edition you can transform your production capabilities with an impressive range of software tools to assist you at each stage of the production process - from the creation of the design file to the accurate cutting and fast, easy weeding of the finished cut graphic.