Roland PrintStudio Features

Accelerate Your Output with 64-bit Processor

Full 64-bit support maximises the operating system’s available resources for blisteringly fast image processing speeds.

Compile and Create Profiles

A powerful profile engine helps users create ICC profiles for specific devices and medias, offering more control and improved output consistency. Additionally, the Roland Profile Center has a library of ready-made compatible media profiles.

Output to Three Devices Simultaneously

Roland PrintStudio by Caldera outputs to two Roland printers or printer/cutters plus one cutter simultaneously so that users can produce at maximum volume.

New Blur & Bleed Functions

New blur & bleed functions remove the risk of white lines at cutting edges for accurate output, with a choice of 3 methods to choose from to suit your artwork:

  1. Mask Method - mirroring the edge of the image to create the bleed area
  2. Duplicate Method - duplicating the edge of the image to create the bleed area
  3. Mirror Method - when a bleed appears within the design file and is located outside of the cut contour line, Roland PrintStudio provides the ability to increase the bleed area outside of the cut contour line or to reduce the bleed area down to the cut contour line.

Add Custom Grommets

Print custom grommet marks to streamline your finishing process. Choose from different shapes, adjust sizes and place grommets manually, or save time by using automated features to evenly space out grommet marks in your artwork before producing.

Intuitive Nesting to Save Time, Space and Materials

A nesting tool automatically positions multiple print jobs on your media in the most space-saving arrangement available and allows you to nest images to contour lines for the tightest placement possible, this minimises media wastage and reduces material costs. Within Roland PrintStudio there are also manual nesting features available for custom spacing and media planning.

Perfect Your Production with Step and Repeat

A copy tool effectively prepares a single image for repetitive printing and cutting with automatic and manual spacing options. It also offers positive or negative bleed options for printing and cutting graphics with perfect registration. Additionally, users can clip to a contour path to minimise media use.

Colour Features for Special Effect Printing

Create speciality colours (Wh/Gl/Mt/primer) from CMYK or whitespace data and deliver perfect pixel registration for special effect printing or to prime your media. This function removes the need for adding separate layers when creating speciality colours.

More Spot Colour Choices

All Pantone®, RAL and HKS colour swatches, including metallic, are supported in Roland PrintStudio, plus the Roland Color & Metallic System Libraries deliver hundreds of spot colours accurately from proof to print.

Tile and Tile Again

Created to output simple or detailed large format graphics, the tiling tool allows users to plan complex print jobs as well as offering easy tiling options with simple panel setups. Use the template-driven tiling feature to reduce design time, minimise media use and enable easy construction of large format graphics in post-production. Save template data so that new images can be dropped into the same template for re-printing.

Generate an Application Guide for Easy Installation

To complement the tiling function, Roland PrintStudio features an application guide for the installation of large-scale tiled prints or vehicle wraps. Save time on complicated briefs and documentation by automatically generating an application guide PDF that provides accurate and easy-to-follow application instructions.

Image Bar for Quick File Browsing

An image bar enables users to store multiple images for quick access and efficient print set up. The image bar can be tailored for individual business needs, sorting images by their name, customer name or date.

Unlimited Hot Folders for Quick and Easy Production

Hot folders represent a quick and easy way to automate the printing process by saving an original document and its pre-flight results in a hot folder for access at anytime. In Roland PrintStudio, users can save unlimited hot folders for maximum automation of the RIP functionality.

Keep Track of Production with the Spooler Function

A sophisticated spooler function allows multiple users to submit to a print queue and send quick reprints via historical job settings. The historical job access allows users to check print history, look at previous job costing and print settings.

Costing Module Does the Calculations for You

To increase the speed and accuracy of the quotation process, users can input special costs, media roll size and length, and ink usage. This information can be combined with each artwork to automatically calculate print costs per square metre.