VersaCAMM VSi Series printer cutters

VersaCAMM® VSi Series Large-Format Inkjet Printer/Cutters Accessories


Model Description
ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Cyan, 440cc
ESL4-4MG ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Magenta, 440cc
ESL4-4YE ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Yellow, 440cc
ESL4-4BK ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Black, 440cc
ESL4-4LC ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Light cyan, 440cc
ESL4-4LM ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Light magenta, 440cc
ESL4-4LK ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Light black, 440cc
ESL4-MT ECO-SOL MAX2 ink Metallic silver, 220cc
ESL4-WH ECO-SOL MAX2 ink White, 220cc
ESL4-CL Cleaning cartridge Cleaning liquid, 1pc.
Blades For thick, reflective and fluorescent vinyl, as well as sign vinyl in general, 5pcs.
Blades For sign vinyl in general, 2pcs.
XD-CH2 Blade holder with blade extension abjuster, made of aluminum

XD-CH3 Blade holder with blade extension adjuster, made of resin