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We’ll send you an email with information on how to order your kit for the upgrade which contains new TR2 ink (a full ink set, matching your current configuration), cleaning liquid pouch for TR2 ink (1 pouch), manual cleaning liquid for TR2 ink (1 bottle) and waste bottle. Plus, a link to the download page for you to complete the upgrade (make sure you have received your kit before starting the upgrade process).

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TrueVIS VG-540/VG-640

Your printer’s ink configuration

Kit ordering code

  4 Colours CMYK   VG-VU-TR2-CMYK
  7 Colours CMYKLcLmLk  VG-VU-TR2-7C
 8 Colours CMYKLcLmLkWh  VG-VU-TR2-WH


Go to download page

Once you’ve received your kit, click on the link in your email to go to the download web page. The page guides you through installing the new firmware on your VG, updating to the latest version of VersaWorks 6 and gives instructions on how to upgrade your device to TrueVIS TR2 ink.



Perform a printing test and check the condition of printheads


Install the specified firmware and replace the ink


Upgrade the RIP (VersaWorks Dual or VersaWorks 6) to the latest version of VersaWorks 6



The upgrade is complete!


The conversion process is really simple and straightforward, there are just a few things to note:

• Prints produced with TR2 inks may differ slightly from those that were printed with TR inks.

• TR ink and TR2 ink can’t be used together and only the same ink combination you are currently using is supported - your VG’s current ink combination (CMYKCMYK, CMYKLcLmLk, or CMYKLcLmLkWh) cannot be changed when upgrading to TR2 ink.

•  Some previous data settings on the RIP may need to be changed to meet the requirements of the upgraded VG-640/540. Settings from before the conversion may not support TR2 ink.

• Ensure you have your kit containing new TR2 ink (a full ink set which matches your VG’s current configuration), Cleaning Liquid Pouch for TR2 ink (1 pouch), Manual Cleaning Liquid for TR2 ink (1 bottle) and waste bottle before converting1. You need these items readily available in order to complete the conversion.

1 Cost applies to kit.

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