IU-1000F Specifications

Printing technology Piezoelectric inkjet
Media Maximum size 2510 mm (W) × 1310 (L) mm (98.8 × 51.5 in.)
Maximum thickness 110 mm (4.3 in.)
Maximum weight 45 kg per sqm (99lb per sqm)
Maximum printing area
2500 mm (W) × 1300 mm (L) mm  (98.4 × 51.1 in.)
Type UV Curable Ink (UE, US) 
Colour Six colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gloss) and primer
Ink bottle capacity C,M,Y,K,Gl,Pr: 1000 cc
Wh: 900 cc (US-WH), 850 cc (UE-WH)
Ink tank capacity 2500 cc per colour
Ink curing unit
UV-LED lamps x 2
Print resolution (dots per inch)  Max. 635 × 1800 dpi 
Media vacuum system Four independent areas with adjustable vacuum pressure
Connectivity  USB3.0 
Power requirements

EMEA 25A 3-phase 400 V NA/JPN 30A 3-phase 220 V

Acoustic noise level 75 dB (A) or less 
Dimensions 4812 (W) × 2200 (D) × 1580 (H) mm (189.4 × 86.6 × 62.2 in.) 
Weight 1436 kg (3166 lb)
Environment Temperature 15 to 30℃ (59 to 86℉)
Humidity 40 to 80% 
Included items Software, USB cable, cleaning kit, CD manuals, etc. 
 Software System Requirements
 Print control (bundled)  Operating system Windows® 7/10(64bit)
CPU Intel® Core™ i5, 2 Gz or more
RAM 8 GB or more
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1152 × 854 with 16 bit colour or higher
Optical drive CD/DVD drive 
USB USB3.0 port  
Free hard-disk space (HDD) Install space 1GB or more - Working space 100 GB
Roland Edition (optional)
Operating system
Windows® 7/8/10
CPU Intel® Core™ i5,2Ghz or more
RAM 4 GB or more 
Screen resolution A resolution of 1,152 × 854 with 16bit colour or higher 
Optical drive CD/DVD drive  
Free hard-disk space (HDD) Install space2GB or more - Working space 4 GB or more
 Model Description
Standard UV Ink US-CY Cyan 1000 cc
  US-MG Magenta 1000 cc
  US-YE Yellow 1000 cc
  US-BK Black, 1000 cc
  US-WH White 900 cc
  US-GL Gloss, 1000 cc (can also be used with UE- ink)
  US-PR* Primer 1000 cc (can also be used with UE- ink)
Specialty UV Ink  UE-CY Cyan 1000 cc
  UE-MG Magenta 1000 cc
  UE-YE Yellow 1000 cc
  UE-BK Black, 1000 cc
  UE-WH White 850 cc
Maintenance Kit IU-MNTKIT Carriage filter 8 Pcs. / Absorber 6 Pcs.
Cleaning Kit
IU-CLKIT Box of Paper towel (1 Pc, 50 sheets)
Box of Non-woven fabric (1 Pc, 100 sheets)
Polyethylene gloves 7 Prs
Nitrile rubber gloves  14 Prs
Cleaning sticks 12 Pcs
Cleaning Liquid US-CL Cleaning liquid, 500 cc

 *Primer ink adhesion may vary depending on substrate and conditions.Testing ink adhesion in prior to production is recommended. 
Specifications, designs and dimensions listed may be subject to change without notice.

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