TrueVIS VG2 and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program

Become an Avery Dennison Qualified Sign Shop or Business

By using TrueVIS VG2 series printer/cutters with TR2 inks on Avery Dennison film and vinyl materials, you receive the added assurance of quality results. Graphics production with the VG2 and TR2 inks qualifies your business for Avery Dennison’s Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program, offering extended assurance on performance and compatibility.

All Avery Dennison sign materials, screen print films, digital media and reflective materials are covered by their warranty which guarantees a quality product without defects, providing consistent product quality and performance. With the added Avery Dennison (ICS) guarantee, you receive written assurance that products perform exactly how they should from production through application and for the lifespan of the graphic. The Avery Dennison (ICS) guarantee and TrueVIS VG2 production with TR2 inks covers your graphics for same day print, lamination and wrapping.


A New Way to Promote Your Business with VG2 and Avery Dennison

The combination of TrueVIS VG2 series printer/cutters with TR2 inks on Avery Dennison film and vinyl has gone through rigorous scientific testing and met a set of stringent durability and physical examinations. The certification reflects many years of joint developmental between Avery Dennison and industry leading printers, such as Roland DG. It not only offers another level of product assurance for you and your customers, but also offers you the chance to promote your business as Avery Dennison certified.

Get further warranty details, including performance guarantee documents, at the Avery Dennison warranty page.

Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee