Accessories of Modela MDX-50

Optional items

ZCL-50 Rotary Axis Unit
Cuttable material Resins such as chemical wood and modelling wax (metal not supported)
Operating range 363 (X) × 305 (Y) × 125 (Z) mm (14.29 (X) × 12.01 (Y) × 4.92 (Z) in.)
A: ±2146680° (approximately ±5963 rotations)
Loadable workpiece size Items within the range of a 60 mm (2.36 in.) radius from the centre of rotation by a length of 380 mm (14.96 in.)
Workpieces that can be secured by the rotary centre vice Thickness: 10 to 65 mm (0.39 to 2.56 in.) or diameter of 20 to 68 mm (0.79 to 2.68 in.)
Operating speed A: Maximum 15 rpm
Mechanical resolution 0.0225°/step (half step)
External dimensions 578 (W) × 190 (D) × 128 (H)mm (22.76 (W) × 7.48 (D) × 5.04 (H) in.)
Weight 7 kg (15.43 lb.)
Included items Detection bar, cap screws, user's manual.


ZHS-3015 High speed steel dia. 3 15(l) x 6(d) x 50(L) x 2NT, including 2 pcs.
ZCB-150 Ball end-mills.Cemented Carbide R1.5  25(l) ×2.4 (Lc) × 65 (L) ×6 (d) × 2NT
ZCB-200 Cemented Carbide R2  25(l) × 3.2 (Lc) × 70 (L) × 6 (d) ×2NT
ZCB-300 Cemented Carbide R3  30(l) ×4.8 (Lc) × 80 (L) × 6 (d) ×2NT
ZW-200 Modelling wax 10 pcs
ZSM-SX Chemical wood 5 pcs
AS-10 Double-side adhesive sheet, 10 sheets
ZS-50-6 Spindle unit. Incl. dia. 6mm collet and spindle belt
ZS-50-1/4 Incl. dia. 1/4inch (6.35mm) collet and spindle belt
ZC-50-6 Collet. dia. 6mm
ZC-50-1/4 dia. 1/4inch (6.35mm)
ZH-6 Tool holders, tool shank for dia. 6mm, for ZS-50-6 and ZC-50-6
ZH-4 Tool shank for dia. 4mm, for ZS-50-6 and ZC-50-6
ZH-3 Tool shank for dia. 3mm, for ZS-50-6 and ZC-50-6
ZH-1/4 Tool shank for dia. 1/4inch (6.35mm), for ZS-50-1/4 and ZC-50-1/4
ZH-1/8  Tool shank for dia. 1/8inch (3.175mm), for ZS-50-1/4 and ZC-50-1/4


* Unit: mm, dia. = flute diameter, R = flute radius, Lc = cutting length, l = flute length, d = shank diameter, L = overall length, NT = number of flutes.