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Dear DGSHAPER, in order to support you we have decided to provide you with a list of video tutorials on how and when to take care of your DGSHAPE dental milling machine and all additional applications designed to improve your work. Find out how easy it is. You don't yet have a DGSHAPE milling machine and are thinking of digitising with an open system that can be easily integrated into your laboratory? Discover our solutions.

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DWX-52Di Cleaning after Milling Finishes 


DWX-52Di Correcting the Milling Machine 


DWX-52Di Mounting the Disc Workpieces on the adapter 


DWX-52Di The Workpiece on the Pin type workpiece adapter 


DWX-52D Cleaning after Milling Finishes 


DWX-52D Loading the Milling Bur 


DWX-52D Correcting the Milling Machine 


DWX-52D Collet Replacement 


DWX-52D Correcting the Milling Machine 


DWX-52D Spindle Unit Replacement 



DWX-42W Replacing Coolant Filters 


DWX-42W Replacing the Coolant 


DWX-42W Replacing the Collet 


DWX-42W Following Daily Operations 




DWX-42W Replacing the collet  


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