VersaUV helps ARB Digital bring unique ideas to life

ARB Digital   |   California

Alvaro Rodriguez founded ARB Digital in 2012 with a Roland VersaUV LEF-12. This desktop flatbed printer lets Alvaro bring big ideas to life – despite its compact size.

"The print quality is amazing," he says. "The LEF lets me do everything I want to do. I'm a small company, but I have state-of-the-art equipment capable of printing on all kinds of materials. That opens up a world of opportunities."

Based in Sacramento, California, USA, ARB Digital has found a niche offering signs, graphics and more printed on out-of-the-ordinary materials such as aluminium, steel, wood, tile and unusual papers – all on the Roland VersaUV LEF printer. This appeals to high-end clients such as artists, interior designers and restaurants, and can significantly increase profit margins.

The profit margin in producing products on unique substrates is much higher.

For example, for a restaurant menu printed on paper, ARB Digital could charge 30¢ (0.27€) per item, but the same menu printed on wood can be sold for closer to $20 (18€).

"The profit margin in producing products on unique substrates is much higher," says Alvaro.

Thanks to the VersaUV LEF-12, ARB Digital can provide solutions to customers' unusual requirements. But it also enables Alvaro Rodriguez to unleash his own creativity and tell stories in a totally different way. Recently, a restaurant ordered a bespoke mural for a new location, a job normally printed onto vinyl or canvas. However, Alvaro suggested a new idea: a composite of photos of the town designed by a photographer friend, printed directly on natural stone tiles using the VersaUV LEF.

"It was like putting together a 14' x 7' jigsaw puzzle with 512 pieces," explains Alvaro.

As well as the ability to print directly onto an almost unlimited variety of substrate types, Roland VersaUV LEF printers feature white ink that can be used to add eye-catching highlights or as a base coat on clear or dark-coloured materials. Alvaro has made sure to use this feature to offer his customers more than his competitors.

"Other shops had solvent printers, and some had UV capabilities, but those operations weren't using the white ink to their advantage."

On the overall ethos of his business, Alvaro adds: "I like to treat our output as high-end products – not just printed signs. Not only are the margins higher, having respect for the materials and surfaces makes for a better overall product."

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