Milling precision and stability ensures unique glasses

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Two large benchtop milling machines play a vital part in the production of ExamVision magnifying loupe glasses. These two milling machines ensure that the loupes are put in place with precision every time.

We all see the world through our own eyes. They are as unique as our finger prints – exactly why heroes and villains have their eyes scanned in Hollywood spy movies. ExamVision, based on Samsoe island in Denmark, manufactures custom made loupes for customers all over the world and every single product leaving the company is unique and made to order.

“We differentiate ourselves in that all of our products are tailored for each individual customer. Our closest competitors use standard products, that have already been adjusted, but we start from scratch every time” explains Bjarne Laursen, Production Manager at ExamVision.


More than just a pair of glasses

ExamVision customers primarily work within health services. Whether you are a doctor, a dentist or a veterinarian, you are undoubtedly familiar with the possibilities that loupes provide. The difference is in the details. With a pair of loupes you can use your normal eye sight and, with a quick and easy change of focus, also see enhanced detail through the magnifying loupe oculars, that are mounted into the lenses.

The process of purchasing a new set of loupes starts at the local distributor. The ExamVision distribution network has been educated to make precise measurements, crucial to ensure that the final product fits the customer. An associated optometrist carries out the necessary eye test that determines whether the glasses should correct e.g. myopia or astigmatism. The structure of the customer’s face and head is also factored in to the measurement.

“The loupes have to fit perfectly to each individual customer. Therefore, we consider the position of the ears in relation to the nose and eyes and we also look at the shape of the nose itself”, explains Bjarne Laursen.

ExamVision is not only concerned with the shape of their customers faces. The distributors also pay attention to the ergonomics and working posture of each customer.

“If necessary, our customers are instructed on how to work in ergonomic sitting positions as we always adjust our glasses to the working posture that provides the least strain for the customer”, says Bjarne Laursen.

The measurement and assessment of the working posture gives ExamVision the data necessary to design the final product.


Milling precision and stability ensures unique glasses


Mostly made by hand

Design and handcrafting take place at the ExamVision headquarters on the small island of Samsoe in Denmark. This is where the different components are put together to make up the complete pair of glasses. Almost the entire production process is carried out by hand, except for positioning of the loupes in the lenses.  Here a bit of mechanical help is required. ExamVision uses two MDX-540 benchtop milling machines from Roland DG, and chose these machines for their reliability, stability and because they are extremely user-friendly.

“One member of our staff is a trained toolmaker, but we mostly train our own unskilled workers.  People don’t have prior experience in using such machines, but this is not a problem as everyone can operate the Roland milling machines after a short introduction” says Bjarne Laursen.

Every pair of loupes requires a precise adjustment of the milling machine, as the angle and placement in the lenses are dependent on the needs of the customer and the measurements that have been made. ExamVision originally chose to have two milling machines for security, knowing that production would not be interrupted if one machine needed service. However, ExamVision is now so busy that both machines run simultaneously to keep up with demand.

The size of the milled hole is identical by default, but the angle and depth vary, dependent on the needs of the customer.  Computer-controlled precision is therefore vital for each customer’s satisfaction with his or her pair of loupes.



  • ExamVision ApS was founded in 2001 and resides on the small island of Samsoe in Denmark.
  • The company manufactures loupes for medical professionals such as dentists, surgeons and other functions within medical industries, that need to see details clearly when working.
  • ExamVision has won the Red Dot Product Design Award three times for the design of their loupes.
  • ExamVision loupes are sold in 35 countries worldwide.


By Jon Holm-Pedersen


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