Shark Gaming makes waves with VersaUV personalisation

Shark Gaming Systems   |   Denmark

Shark Gaming is showing its teeth with more than just its technology. This Danish gaming computer specialist is now dominating the field in customised gear too, thanks to the installation of a Roland VersaUV LEF-300 UV printer.

Mikael Taipalus founded Shark Gaming Systems in 2009, initially handling all business from his sofa in Herlev, Denmark – where he also came up with the name and brand identity of his new company. He was inspired by the Shark Week nature programmes on the Discovery Channel, which showed the shark's dominance over other creatures in the undersea world.

Custom computers with bite

Soon Mikael was joined by Daniel Gerhardt and a technician, and Shark Gaming began to make waves in the gaming industry by building bespoke gaming computers for dedicated players. Gamers can choose their perfect set-up from 30 PCs with standard configurations that can be customised with around 50 different components, all of the highest quality.

Over the past decade, Shark Gaming has grown in size and dominance in the industry. In 2011 it moved to premises in Herlev spanning over 800sqm, and expanded into new markets following a loan from a Danish growth fund in 2015. It now employs 25 young people, who all have a passion for gaming that means they can advise their customers rather simply work as salespeople.

Perfect personalisation for dedicated gamers

However, Shark Gaming can do more than build tailored games systems; it can personalise how they look too. For several years, Shark Gaming's PCs and cabinets have been printed with its distinctive shark logo, work that was outsourced to a supplier. This involved high costs, lengthy delivery times and some errors, so Daniel – now the CEO of the company – decided to bring the job in house by buying the same printer as the supplier.

This was a Roland VersaUV LEF-300, a UV-LED printer that can print directly to practically any surface, including computer equipment, on demand. Not only could Shark Gaming add its own logo to its products when needed, but it could also offer personalised print to its dedicated customers. The 'Design Your Shark' concept invites gamers to upload their own design using templates on the company's website that are then printed onto a range of products – computers, keyboards, mice, chairs and much more. The service is particularly popular with business customers such as e-sports teams, who love to see their logo displayed on their new gaming kit, but is also an exciting proposition for individual players.

"Millennials want unique products"

"Millennials want unique products designed just for them," says Daniel Gerhardt. "It is one of the most important purchasing parameters and ranks far higher than factors such as price. That is why I saw an opportunity to be able to offer personalised print as a supplement to products specially designed according to the customer's wishes and also as an opportunity to match a need that the buyers of the future will have."

Since its installation in February 2019, the VersaUV LEF-300 has customised somewhere between 300 and 400 Shark Gaming computers, truly connecting players to the game. Daniel now plans to bring new markets and countries into shark-infested waters.

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