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Make a note of this! Printing on notepads with Roland

Notepads, diaries, sketchbooks, journals, organisers, address books, recipe books, notebooks and other stationery items can be bought inexpensively but made to look a million dollars – at least to their owners.

Using Roland technology you can add personal artwork, photographs, logos, inspirational messages, monograms and names to blank notepad covers, adding significant value to these products and a smile to your customers' faces.

Roland VersaUV flatbed printers, Roland Texart dye-sublimation printers and Roland LD-80 laser decorators are all ideal for personalising notepads. Here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn ordinary notepad blanks into personalised stationery

You can add vibrant colours and eye-catching designs to notebooks using Roland VersaUV flatbed printers, from the compact desktop VersaUV LEF to the large-format VersaUV S-Series, onto which you can print dozens of products at once.

These innovative printing systems use UV technology to print in full colour and white. Combining CMYK with white, or printing colour onto a white background, can make designs really pop even on dark notepad covers.

UV technology is compatible with so many materials including; wood, metal, acrylic, leather, bamboo, slate, stone, ceramic, canvas, driftwood, cardboard, in fact it’s easier to ask what it can't print on – so go and get creative and experiment!

Discover hundreds of UV printing ideas in our latest UV direct-print guide. Download your copy today for free.

Print textures directly onto notebooks with VersaUV

Roland VersaUV printers also print clear varnish, allowing you to add highlights in a glossy or matt finish. This clear gloss can be printed in layers to create incredible textures that your customers will want to touch. You can print realistic leaf, water or wood effects or add shining faux jewels to your notebook covers, rewriting the story on customisation.

Texart and dye-sublimation are ideal for on-demand notepad printing

The versatility of Roland Texart printers lets you turn notepad blanks into stunning customised stationery, perfect for community groups and organisations, museums and galleries, schools and universities, and individual shoppers. Texart dye-sublimation printers are compatible with a wide range of materials so you can really create something unique for your customers.

Add sophisticated metallic details to diaries and organisers with the new Metaza LD-80 foiling machine

The new Roland Metaza LD-80 laser decorator lets you add a touch of luxury to diaries, notebooks, address books and more with metallic detailing, far more easily than with traditional hot foiling methods. Add company logos, names, monograms – any design you like – to plastic and faux leather notepad covers for that extra element of sophistication.


How do you know what technology is right for you?

The best way to discover what Roland technology you need to turn ordinary notepads into luxury personalised goods is to chat to a member of the Roland team and to see the printers in action.

Bring your test files along for a free, no-obligation demonstration at a Roland print showroom near you. Get in touch today and explore how Roland technology can start making you money.


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