Say it with Soap personalises bath time

Soap carrying a message – that's what we make. We call it message soap," explains Françoise Descheemaeker. Her business, Say it with Soap, is based in Jabbeke, Belgium and is believed to be the first company in Benelux to offer this creative service.

With her husband Pierre Marécaux, she runs a shop selling souvenir soaps personalised with messages like 'I love you' and 'You're the sweetest' to tourists on the Belgian coast, but caters for customers far further afield. You can find Say it with Soap's products in Alsace in Eastern France, tourist shops in Scotland and even at family events like weddings.

To create these message soaps, Françoise uses a Roland EGX-350 digital engraving machine. After choosing the perfect font for each message, she engraves an embossing stamp from plexiglass which is then used to emboss the soap while it is still hot and malleable.

The Roland EGX-350 has allowed much more freedom while cutting costs, says Françoise.

"In the past, we asked the soap manufacturer or third parties to make the impression stamps, but it was expensive and very limited in terms of creativity. Trying things out was tricky. Now we can experiment ourselves and create examples for our customers.

"The font is very important to the message – one font works better on a bar of soap than another. The Roland EngraveStudio software installed on the machine is very user-friendly and contains many different fonts, which allows us to see what works best on a bar of soap and then to produce small batches quickly."

Say it with Soap can even turn around products fast enough to meet trends like 'You only live once' and newsworthy phrases like 'Je suis Charlie'. Batch sizes of just 20 bars are possible, so the message soaps make great wedding favours and gifts.

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