10 things you can produce with your print and cut device

Get inspiration for new print applications with today's blog 10 Things You Can Produce With Your Print & Cut Device. 


A whole array of retail, commercial and industrial signs can be print & cut to deliver images, shapes, logos and lettering to match a company’s brand requirements. Whatever the colour, shape or size, and for installation indoor or outside, if you can imagine it you can print & cut it.


Wayfinding signs for stairs, walls, floors, windows, doors, lifts or on bespoke signage installations are a requirement of most businesses, including shopping malls, entertainment venues, transportation hubs and inside office buildings.


Produce high quality safety signage, including industrial notices, identification signs and warning messages. Even in environments open to harsh weather conditions, subject to abrasion or exposed to high levels of sunlight, Roland technology can meet the durability challenge.


Outdoor banners are used for advertising, events, exhibitions, outside public venues and many other places. Usually printed on a PVC-based media, more specialist banners can be printed onto mesh for exposed or windy locations, on block-out materials to prevent shine-through or on crease or tear-resistant media.


Ideal for events, conferences and parties, full colour roller banners and pop-up displays are a popular option, whether for one-off promotional purposes or for ongoing repeat use.


Although more typically associated with dye-sublimation and textile printing, fabrics are available that have been specially coated for use with eco-solvent inks. This type of media is typically lightweight and ideal to transport and install. Common applications include banners and flags for events, point of purchase promotional materials and wall coverings.


There are a limited number of specialist producers in this sector and many brands, companies and consumers are not aware of where to go to print this type of signage. With Roland’s UV print & cut technology you can produce tactile signage and packaging prototypes, using clear inks to create the raised effects necessary for braille.


With a Roland print & cut machine you’ll be able to offer a wide selection of exciting interior design applications to customers, designers, decorators, builders and architects. From decoration of furniture, doors, walls, floors and ceilings, including decals, artist canvases and customised stencils. You’ll also be able to create coverings for accessories and collectibles, such as hard covers for albums, decorations for screens and room dividers. The opportunities in both home, office and commercial interiors are infinite.


Posters are one of the most widely used visual marketing mediums to drive awareness and to promote advertising messages. In all shapes and sizes, the majority are printed using standard or photographic quality paper, but can also be produced using PVC-based materials, fine art quality paper or canvas.


Print & cut graphics can be used to customise a variety of common and unexpected exterior installations including birdhouses, tents, waste bins, letter boxes, post boxes, phone booths, benches and seating areas. If you can see, feel and touch it, you can design, print, cut and install onto it.


Floor graphics can be installed in a variety of locations including museums, shopping centres, nightclubs, cafés, airports and exhibition halls, as well as industrial, production and storage environments. Offering an opportunity for advertising and information messages, the durability of Roland’s print & cut technology means graphics can withstand the abrasion of high walkover volumes, UV sunlight exposure and other harsh environments.

To get more inspiration for cool applications you can do with your print and cut device, download our guide here: dk.rolanddg.eu