13 Creative applications which are possible with a Roland PRINT AND CUT machine!

The versatility of Roland’s print & cut technology can help you provide your existing customers with a more extensive range of products and services and diversify your business into profitable new applications. In this blog post, you will discover unlimited range of applications from one design or creative idea using Roland DG technology.

Wrapping usually refers to the total or partial covering or customising of vehicles, such as bicycles, motorcycles, motocross, cars, vans, trucks, buses, racing cars and even planes, with adhesive films. This type of application can also be adapted for use on walls, panels, stone, wood, furniture, electrical appliances, sinks, laptops and much more.

Bikes can be partially or totally wrapped, or customised with graphics for a specific campaign, race or event. Helmets and other equipment can also be decorated with personalised designs using print & cut graphics. Other promotional items for these events, such as banners, posters and signs can of course also be printed using a Roland.

Vehicle graphics including lettering, logos and symbols, artistic designs, drawings and photographs can be printed, cut and applied to cars, buses, vans, minibuses, campers, commercial vehicles, trucks and trains. Specialist substrates can also be applied to boats and other marine craft, such as vinyl stickers for use on hulls or reflective graphics for emergency lifeboats or jet skis. There is also a range of materials that can be used to decorate sails for corporate sponsorship or advertising at sailing events.

The aircraft and aeronautical sectors are exciting and lucrative markets for print & cut graphics, whether you are creating adhesive logos and livery numbers, bands, stripes and symbols, logos, advertising slogans and customised graphics, or even wrapping a plane or helicopter for a special promotion or event.


Backlit displays can be an impressive form of visual communication, ensuring maximum visibility for your customer’s message. Housed in a lightbox or light panel, and printed on a film or lightweight banner. Often used in high-end retail displays, at exhibitions or in environments where lighting is poor.

Removable graphics are used most commonly for indoor displays and on surfaces, walls and vehicles for short-duration marketing campaigns. Thanks to the properties of the substrate, they can be removed without the glue leaving any trace. Examples include promotional graphics on shop or car windows, or for short-term event advertising.

Fine art printing represents one of the new frontiers in digital printing, combining technology with true creativity. With a Roland printer you can deliver fine art reproductions on canvas, photographic or fine art paper, or even affix printed films directly onto a wall. Alternatively you can print onto materials that transfer the pigment onto different surfaces, such as wood, marble or stone, to enable interesting artistic outputs. Another application that is gaining popularity is acrylic art or sculpture, with printed vinyl being applied to the rear side of acrylic to create stunning works of art.

Reproduction of photographic images is a common application, and can be printed onto gloss, semi-gloss and matt papers as well as banners, canvas or adhesive materials that can be then applied to a whole range of items.

Print & cut transfers can be used to customise clothing and accessories such as hats, t-shirts, sportswear, safety garments, promotional items, bags and much more. A vast range of heat transfer materials are available, including flock, elasticated, metallised and relief transfer media. Aside from your Roland print & cut device, all you need is a heat press to transfer the graphic to the garment or item permanently.

The corporate and school apparel market continues to grow apace, requiring high quality brand logos, graphics and lettering to be applied to a range of garments. Whether it be jackets, hats, t-shirts, shirts or even shoes and bags, with a Roland print & cut device you can customise an extensive range of corporate, school and safety clothing.

Whether it’s labels and stickers for branding, promoting, identifying, warning, reminding, instructing or protecting, you can produce single items or large production runs, on demand, when your customers need them. To make your stickers and labels stand out, you can print a vibrant metallic spot colour or add a clear ink varnish for extra durability or doming effect. Plus, with Roland’s variable data capabilities in our VersaWorks RIP software, you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively personalise each label or sticker within a print run.


Adhesive labels and stickers may also be domed to create spectacular effects. This process involves coating them with a clear ink, that both protects graphics and creates a 3D effect, enabling you to customise a wide range of gadgets such as key rings and USB sticks.

Badges or ID cards are often requested by companies and event organisers. Roland print & cut devices can easily produce them to any desired shape, and the variable data functionality included in the VersaWorks RIP means you can deliver sequential numbers, names or even graphics to a consistent design template.

To get more inspiration for cool applications you can do with your print and cut device, download our guide here: dk.rolanddg.eu