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Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the print industry, it’s likely that you would have already come across the third party (or alternative) ink debate. The quality, colour and durability of a chosen ink are essential in producing high quality graphics and long-lasting prints; therefore, it is imperative that you are aware of all the facts around third party and manufacturer inks and so you can make an informed decision as to which is the best for your business.

What most customers don’t realise is that the place you’re hit hardest when using third party inks is in the wallet.

#WithRoland you keep on getting!

With so many conflicting reports, what are the facts?

  •  Third party inks naturally have a lower level of compatibility with your printer and simply don’t perform as effectively. Whereas manufacturers’ inks, printers and RIP software are designed to work in synergy together to optimise the quality of your output.
  • This lower compatibility level can result in unexpected printer faults which could end up costing your business money to fix, particularly as use of third party inks can void insurance warranties
  • Third party inks can also contribute to the depreciation of a printer’s performance over time, and can also result in increased downtime for head cleaning and maintenance
  • The use of third party inks can accelerate the need to replace your machine’s costly parts and increase overhead costs
  • Third party inks sometimes lack available media profiles, so the ink that is laid down on the media could be greater than you need and cost you more, plus the quality of the output could be affected too
  • Indefinite ingredients sometimes found within third party inks have been proven to cause damage to some eco-friendly and high-end substrates, hence costing you even more money
  • And it is important safety-wise when using inks to understand what ingredients that an ink contains. With many third party inks it is not always 100% clear, whereas Roland ensures that this information is publicly and easily available to all customers.

#WithRoland you keep on getting!

Why run the risk?
Inks are arguably the most important tool that print professionals will use to perform their job properly. Yet when speaking to print professionals we often find there is a lack of educational material available to inform them about the potential downfall of using third party inks.

But even when professionals are aware of the problems that third party inks can cause, sometimes the option of using these inks can still be an attractive one with customers promised savings of up to 30% and alleged cheaper running costs.

Despite the switch to third party inks seeming initially like a cost-effective move, often the savings do not add up, with customers even finding themselves hit financially. Roland DG original inks boast an unrivalled quality output, as well as impressive productivity levels, that will save you money in the long-run, so why run the risks that come with third party inks?

#WithRoland you keep on getting!

Your choice…
So next time you’re asked where you stand on the third party versus proprietary inks debate, make sure you can confidently tell your customers that you opt for the reliable, premium choice with Roland DG’s ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink.

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