#WithRoland, MediaMouse save on their ink costs

Rich, vibrant colours that bring products to life are a print professional’s greatest tool. In a saturated and competitive market, the perfect ink can provide businesses with the unique and premium edge needed to stand out from the competition.

At Roland DG, we have come to be recognised internationally as one of the leading sources for high-quality inks, providing our customers with inks that offer vibrant colours, quick drying times and unrivalled durability. Our extensive ink ranges are firmly established as a crucial tool at the heart of many businesses across the world, and our clients can tell you why.

MediaMouse: our story

Jesper Norbøll, owner of MediaMouse, discusses why once they choose Roland DG’s proprietary inks, they have never looked back:

Since our beginnings in 1999, our graphics company has expanded within the market to offer a variety of creative solutions. At MediaMouse, we combine traditional craftsmanship and the latest technologies to produce high-quality outputs, while always placing an emphasis delivering to our client’s expectations.

Being home to six Roland DG machines, we wanted to ensure that we were using the best possible accompanying technology and equipment to guarantee optimum performance time and time again; which is why we invested in Roland DG’s ECO-SOL MAX ink. Complementing our VersaCAMM VS-i printer/cutters, the ink provided us with new rich black and grey tones and gave us access to new and exciting design opportunities which we were able to exploit.

#WithRoland, MediaMouse save on their ink costs

Experiencing ECO-SOL MAX 3
When it came to our attention that Roland DG had developed its new ECO-SOL MAX3 ink range to work alongside the VS-640i, we jumped at the chance to upgrade our ink offering. A big selling point for us was the larger 500 cc cartridges, where previously we had only worked with 440 cc. Initially we didn’t think the 60 cc extra capacity would make a huge amount of difference but due to the efficiency of ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink, we were pleasantly surprised with the decrease in ink usage and the reduction in time needed to swap ink cartridges with the inks going much further our costs have gone down and they definitely offer better value for money.

In addition to the lower ink consumption, we also noticed that ECO-SOL MAX3 ink had an incredibly faster drying time. The ink dries immediately after printing, so we can now handle all our products as soon as they roll off the printer. For us, the quicker drying time allows us to operate at higher productivity levels without the worry of colour bleeding on both coated and uncoated media types.

#WithRoland, MediaMouse save on their ink costs

We buy Roland DG inks knowing we will achieve quality
When inks are arguably the most important element of a printed product, we wanted to ensure we were investing in the best. With six colours available, including metallic, the comprehensive ECO-SOL MAX3 ink range was the perfect solution for the range of products and applications we offer at MediaMouse. The addition of the ECO SOL MAX2 White ink is another string to add to our bow when approaching new and existing customers, enabling us to print high-impact graphics onto transparent medias and coloured background.

ECO-SOL MAX3 has allowed us to produce durable, reliable and consistent colour from cartridge to cartridge. From our experience using Roland DG inks, we have discovered that premium quality products do not have to come at a premium price. Roland DG has been the perfect partner for us and we will look forward to a long working relationship with the company and its machines for years to come.