Instant In-Store Personalisation: A Way To Meet Customer Demands in 2017

Are you still running your retail business as you were 5 years ago?

If you are, you really do need to read on, because so much has changed in the past years that you could probably improve your revenue greatly and actually work in a way that will help you stand out from your competitors – by meeting customer expectations.

Meeting customer expectations in 2017 is all about creating the ultimate retail customer experience.

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So, what is it that consumers want?

It’s quite simple actually…

They don’t just want – they DEMAND a personalised experience.

In this online era, with personalised customer journeys at the very center, the notion that each customer is individual and needs to be treated as such, has greatly influenced consumer perception on the good shopping experience.

It’s not surprising really.

We want our retail experience to be personal and targeted. We want it to resemble our online experience and we want all the options and benefits from online in retail.

Life is never easy, and a life with retail is definitely no exception. It’s challenging and consumer expectations forces retailers to think out of the box and adapt to new technologies and new ways.

But there is a bright side to all of this as well!

Businesses that are actually able and willing to adapt to these consumer expectations have every chance to stand out and great possibilities to grow. That’s a fact!

… and it doesn’t matter whether you are a small start-up or a large retail chain. The prerequisite is the same; Consumers EXPECT a personalised experience.

Okay then, how to deliver this personal retail experience?

Let’s look at the increasing “Me” focus as a possibility. A chance to outshine your competitors.

Most retailers could benefit hugely from adapting a ‘Me-tailing’ focus (where retailers offer personalised products and interactions) putting the customer at the heart of the retail experience while getting to know each customer by collecting data and using this strategically. Me-tailing is an extremely interesting notion and deserves more attention than we can give it in this post. So head on over and read the full blog post on Me-tailing to get the full insight.

Instant In-store personalisation is another way to meet consumer expectations by becoming the retail store that actually provides the possibilities we have come to expect online. Research shows that not only are around 36% off all consumers interested in putting a personal touch to various commodities, they are also willing to pay extra for unique items.

This is really interesting considering the possibilities offered by new technologies, making instant personalisation of a given product simple, fast and cost effective.

With constant and instant access to products and services, consumers are increasingly dictating what they want, where they want it and when; and given the correct equipment and support, in-store personalisation can meet this need.

What exactly is instant in-store personalisation?
Instant In-store personalisation is offering your customers a chance to put their personal touch to an item on your shelves here and now. It’s offering your customers a chance to stand out without the risks in purchasing a personalised product online, where you aren’t quite sure of the quality before you receive the final result. With an in-store version of customisation or personalisation, your customers can actually hand pick the shoes, sunglasses, watch or whatever it is that you are offering – try them on and then add a personal design or message to the product of their choice right then and there.

That is what we call a personal retail experience. You will be able to deliver a tailored product by offering a service that few retailers do. You will stand out from your competitors and you will be able to establish genuine contact with your customers.

A little tip could be to make the most of the time you have with your customer while personalising their product – engage with them, have them leave their contact data and follow up on their purchase afterwards. Returning customers is the backbone of truly profitable businesses.

You might be missing inspiration as to what and how to go about instant in-store personalisation. To be honest the possibilities are almost endless; from the mobile phone cases, t-shirts, mugs and keyrings that you may expect to see, to golf balls, children’s lunch boxes, stationary, luggage, and almost everything else you can think of. Anything is possible really. Depending on the offerings you are planning Roland DG can provide the latest UV LED direct-to-object printing, heat transfer printing or impact engraving using diamond-technology.

There is so much to be said about the possibilities and the products – you can find all the info you will need and then some here [link to LP].

For the retailer, the commercial benefits of in-store personalisation are potentially game-changing. The profit margins are higher than on predesigned products, and you can define the offering – you choose the range of items to customise to fit with your positioning, you decide how many you produce in a week, and you decide the price points.

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