Discover the perfect digital workflow for your dental laboratory

Time to make your choice:

Open system - flexibility and freedom to choose?

Closed system - restriction to a specific brand, and a potentially poorer outcome?

What are we talking about? We’re inviting you to discover more about the digital dental revolution that is simplifying dental laboratories’ workflow and optimising production in line with modern dental professionals’ expectations.

Faster, cleaner and more precise

Thanks to the digital process, a skilled operator can complete a job that used to take hours in just a few minutes - while consistently providing patient pleasing aesthetics and a custom fit. While one job is being milled the next is already being designed, or the latest software allows the milling machine to simultaneously produce multiple dental devices.

Reduce errors, save time and money

In expert hands the digital process – from original scan to finished restoration – reduces the chances for error, and eliminates the need for those all too familiar, time and money wasting surgical call-backs for impression re-takes.

Digital workflow is a proven business builder. It quickly and cost-effectively produces crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, copings, frames and more, with an outstandingly realistic, highly aesthetic finish, precision fit, and durability.

Download our Discover the ideal end-to-end workflow for your laboratory brochure and in a few minutes, you will learn:

· The difference between an open and closed system

· How digital workflow can revolutionise your productivity

· How quickly and simply your lab can take advantage of the latest digital




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