How to convert your printer to new ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink

Faster drying times, bigger cartridges, a lower price per cc of ink and an overall better performance are just some of the reasons to upgrade to ECO-SOL MAX 3.

The new ink can be used in all current models of Roland eco-solvent printers and printers/cutters, and most older models too.* The really good news is that the conversion process is simple and in the majority of cases can be completed without any technical assistance required.

Performance upgrade for existing customers
Customers should now order ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink with the purchase of every new eco-solvent Roland DG printer. It is also available as a performance upgrade to existing printers*, enabling our loyal customers to benefit from the latest technology developments.

Conversion process
To convert your printer or printer/cutter to ECO-SOL MAX 3 ink, please follow these steps:

1. Check your printer model

ECO-SOL MAX 3 conversion is currently available for the following products: BN-20, SPi-series, VSi-series, RF-640 and XF-640. Other products will become available for conversion later this year.

2. Contact your authorised Roland dealer

Place your order for a set of new ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks and FREE conversion kit with your dealer.

3. Visit the Ink Conversion Website

Once you’ve received the conversion kit, visit The website guides you through installing the new firmware, updating VersaWorks and provides instructions on how to install ECO-SOL MAX 3.

These videos show the procedure step by step:

For RF-640, RE-640, RS-640/540 and VS-640i/540i/300i



For SP-540i/300i, VP-540i/300i and VP-540/300


For XF-640 and XJ-740/640


4. Download free media profiles

Next, visit the Roland Profile Center . It’s free to register, and this exciting new online service enables you to download new media profiles for ECO-SOL MAX 3 and a clever converter tool also enables you to transform your existing profiles for use with the new ink.

*Please be aware that ECO-SOL MAX 3 will be made available in a staged roll-out and customers should check with their dealer on a regular basis as to which models are available to convert. A limited number of older models will not officially support ECO-SOL MAX 3 and customers should contact their dealer for more information.